Digital Marketing

Relook at marketing as a source of revenue rather than lead generation! Leverage multiple channels of Marketing to attract new clients for your business
How to create brand image on the social web

Social media is about endless opportunities if you know how to get it right every time you post something or do an analysis. Strategy making for different social media channels deals with punctuality of posting, nature of demands, favorite trends and more.

Every social media channel needs a different strategy, which is the reason we create a granular master plan to be used in different channels. The creation and management of a brand profile involves communicating with our clientele’s fans and followers to increase engagement numbers.

Through our social media marketing solutions, you can build great relationships with communities, customers and prospects and raise your marketing ROI. We also track all the social media activities to know how well the plan is working.

Advantages of signing up for Social Media Marketing:
  • Increase the traffic to social media networks and also divert it to your website
  • Get connected with your target audience
  • Create brand awareness
  • Increase sales and ROI
Content Marketing Services

Content that can make your audience turn your way can appear in any of the following – marketing collaterals, pitching messages, know-how documents, tips, news updates, blogs and more. Each requires a different style and approach, and relevant messaging is the key to engagement.

Content Marketing involves research on the recently defined audience segments, their current areas of interest, pain points and relevant market news. These help writers understand how they can create messages that are useful for their audience.

Marketing Collaterals

In B2B marketing, content speaks more than you realize about your business…

Web Copywriting

It is a factor that can persuade prospects and make them choose you over your competitors…

Blog Creation and Management

A blog is like a business card to generate interest and urges visitors to visit your website…

Whitepaper A to Z Package

With Whitepaper A to Z Package, you can communicate your ideas exactly the way YOU would like to…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Beat Your Competition and Dominate Search Engine Results. Best SEO services that help you achieve page 1 rankings. Get new customers easily. Best offers. Gain organic traffic and high-quality leads. SEO optimized content. Increase your sales.

The digital marketers at our e Data Scholars will bring your site to the attention of a focused target group with our local SEO optimization services as well.

Our SEO Services Include
  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Improves Website Ranking
  • Growth Site Conversion
  • Increase Page Traffic